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ABN Andhra Jyothi Live News

ABN Andhra Jyothi is a famous news channel, which everyone knows. There are so many programmes in this channel related to news, politics, Movies and etc. All these will come in one pack in abn andhra jyothi live news. ABN was launched in 15th October 2009. ABN full form is Aamoda Broadcasting Network. This channel was established by Vemuri Radhakrishna after the success of Andhra Jyothi News Paper. Andhra Jyothi News paper was well known to all readers. Because reading news paper is daily activity for many people. From that news paper only, this ABN News channel started.

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ABN also has its own web site, where we can watch all programme sin live streaming. Now great news is, people who are watching live streaming of this particular channel can also watch all updates through our web portal. Get the abn andhra jyothi live news updates here. The main program which attracts everyone in ABN is “Open Heart With RK”. For this show anchor is the launcher of ABN channel Mr. Radha Krishna and he invites celebrities, politicians, Movie actors and various other fields important persons to the show and he will ask them questions in Live.

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The interesting topic in this show is, channel will conduct polling which attracts every common man and will vote for celebrity whether they are saying truth or not. Polling is visible to everyone and we can know directly what happen in their real lives etc. So many other programmes are also carried out by ABN they are Weekend Comment by RK, AP Agenda, Top Stories and Chudu Chudu Thamasha etc.

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Let us discuss some important information about the director of ABN that is none other than Mr. RadhaKrishna. Vemuri Radhakrishna Managing Director of Aamoda Publications runs “Andhra Jyothi” the second largest dispersed Telugu daily like a man with assignment. Here is the abn andhra jyothi live news updates. With over 29 years of knowledge in reporting as a appreciated front line special journalist Sri RadhaKrishna took it upon himself with the help of few friends to renew the well-known Andhra Jyothi.

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Once Mr. RadhaKrishna invigorated Andhra Jyothi he composed some top talent in the field of television journalism and made the newspaper a force to think with today ABN  Andhra Jyothi Live News is seen as a Trust worthy sovereign and bold newspaper which has won the heart of the informed, elite and the common man.

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Never willing to concession on set principles and goals Sri RadhaKrishna is seen as fearless press officer who can spins against the current if only he has to uphold a standard or warm placard by against a false step of powers that be. His marked perspectives are a likeness of his thinking process and his distress for the society.

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Apart from all these programmes, main assert for the channel is News telecasting. Whatever done in the society that will be shown clearly without any fear in this news channel. ABN main achievement is to expose Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari sex scandal leading to his resignation from the post of governor. Due to this single achievement, ABN  Andhra Jyothi Live News got high TRP rating. There are many interesting Live Shows like games which entertain all house wife’s and a kind of relief for them. One of the entertaining program is “Lucky Lady Lovely Saree”.

In this program, anchor will ask the caller to select one number among four numbers and whatever present in that number, that activity should be done by the caller. If the called played well then the program will gifts a Saree to them.

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Lucky Lady Lovely Saree program starts at 2:00 PM and closes at 3:00 PM. Callers who called between these timings had great chance of winning sarees. Important aspect in this program is, every caller will be gifted a saree. Anchors will help them in telling answers by giving them clues and will give them a saree.

Apart from entertainment program, there is one show which assist huge number of students in painting their carrier path. The ABN  Andhra Jyothi Live News show name is “Diksuchi”. In this program, one famous person regarding the topic will assist all the students regarding their carrier. This program will telecast at 5:30 PM and students who are related to the coming topic will call to the prescribed telephone number. The guest who guides the students will tell all the measure to select their goal and solve the doubts asked by the callers.

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Coming to the movies side, at 11:30 PM program name, “Gochips” will telecast in the channel. At that time, all upcoming details of the movies, gossips related to the movie will be shown. Not only tollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood topics will also be telecast in this show. People can know their favourite actor/actress next movie, their personal life topics etc through this program.

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Along with entertainment, politics etc, ABN  Andhra Jyothi Live News is also telecasting Kitchen Program called “Kitchen 65”. In this program, anchor will invite participant to cook food. Daily varieties of recipes will be shown to viewers. So many ladies, sitting at the home will never miss this program. Many varieties of food recipes like continental, international, Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and etc many varieties will be shown in this program. Huge response from the viewers had achieved by this show.

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At 1:30 PM every day Jaateeyam & Antarjaateeyam program will telecast. The duration of this show is half an hour. In this show, channel covers both National and International News all over the world and will show to us. This helps so many people to know what’s going around the world. How trading, stock exchange and etc details will be known through this program. we hope you all enjoy the programms in this channel. we also coer the latest job updates in a career episodes. So please follow it. We recommend you to go through the job web site for example job6.in, which covers all the latest stuff on government jobs, exam dates, results,admit cards etc. this is the best career site.

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At 3:30 PM in the evening, ABN Clinic will telecast. This ABN  Andhra Jyothi Live News show comprises one anchor and one famous doctor. Show duration is half an hour and in this show very interesting topics will be revealed by the doctors. This helps many watchers to know about their health conditions. Phone numbers of that particular show will also be given below. Daily discussion will done on one topic. If the people who are suffering with that topic can call to the number scrolling below and can ask their doubts directly with the doctor. This is one of the best show through which doctors can directly deal with patients and will solve their doubts.

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Like this, ABN  Andhra Jyothi Live News channel telecasts many interesting shows which are very effective, helps the students, parents, house wife’s etc for many other aspect peoples. Many important issues which takes place world wide will be known to the society by this news channel. ABN ranks top 2 in Telugu news channels. That means we can understand how many standards they are maintaining. Such a wonderful news channel, from now on wards people can browse from our web site also. For more details, visit our web site and get details regarding Live Streaming of ABN News Channel.

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